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Bronze Hare Abstract Thinker on a Rock Statue for Sale BOK1-224

Bronze Hare Abstract Thinker on a Rock Statue for Sale BOK1-224

This Thinker on A Rock statue shows an abstract rabbit sitting on a rock and thinking. It is an abstract interpretation of Rodin’s The Thinker statue, which attracts attention with its unique charm.
Item No: BOK1-224
Material: Bronze
About Us: 39 Years Factory
Technique: Lost Wax Process
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Size: Life Size or Customized Size
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About the Statue:

This Thinker on A Rock statue is a lot of fun. While a humanoid hare would be a little odd but comforting. Rabbits put their chins on their hands and their elbows on their knees, as humans often do when they are lost in thought. Its long ears stretch out in all directions, balancing the rabbit’s lanky arms and legs. The rabbit’s eyes seem to be gazing at the viewer, thinking about what it is thinking, and the uncertainty of the viewer. While the depiction is humorous compared to Rodin’s work, Flanagan’s use of the hare form does have its own way of grabbing the viewer’s attention, making them stop and think for a moment.

Bronze Hare Abstract Thinker on a Rock Statue for Sale BOK1-224 (1) Bronze Hare Abstract Thinker on a Rock Statue for Sale BOK1-224 Bronze Hare Abstract Thinker on a Rock Statue for Sale BOK1-224


Original Introduction:

The original Thinker on A Rock is a bronze sculpture by Barry Flanagan. Brian Ferriso, executive director of the Philbrook Museum of Art, said: “This intriguing theme makes clear references to several art historical traditions, including Rodin. Beyond the subject matter, the work’s Expressiveness also reflects the artist’s unique ability to create three-dimensional ‘gesture’ paintings in bronze.”

Thinker on a Rock - YouFine Sculpture Thinker on a Rock - YouFine Sculpture


Link to Rodin Thinkers:

While the Thinker was made by Rodin around 1880, Welsh sculptor Barry Flanagan carved his own Thinker in rock about a century later, in 1997, inspired by Rodin’s work. Cast in bronze, it’s a hare, not a man, slender and slender in shape, sitting on a rock in the National Gallery’s sculpture garden. The long ears of the hare seemed to extend upward, and the lanky body bent over in thought. This Thinker on A Rock is a humorous interpretation of Rodin’s statue of the Thinker, showing the glamour of thinking in a modern abstraction that is different from traditional art.

Thinker on a Rock - YouFine Sculpture


YouFine Could Restore this Hare Statue 100% for You:

As a bronze foundry established in 1983, YouFine has many years of experience in sculpture casting. We cast bronze hare statues using the traditional lost wax method. Before casting, we would first make a 1:1 clay model. Since we have customized this Thinker on A Rock for our customers, we have ready-made models. So we could not only guarantee that our hare statues would be 100% restored but also let you use our models for free. This way you could save at least a thousand dollars in model fees compared to other factories.

Thinker on a Rock clay model - YouFine Sculpture


YouFine is factory direct and would give you the best price. So if you are interested in this abstract rabbit thinker sculpture, please feel free to contact us.

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