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How About this famous wall sculpture ?


All this bronze sculpture are Matteo Pugliese’s replicas,Each one of the sculptures has a name to explain what it depicts, but on the other hand, his creations are very subtle and authentic at the same time.


So please tell us which you posture you are interested,or you want to know more about this series.


Bronze Matteo Pugliese Sculpture for sale


Matteo Pugliese was born in Milan in 1969.

In 1978 his family moved to Sardinia where Matteo lived for the next 12 years.

During this time he developed a strong love for drawing and sculpture and continued his art work without any formal education. After finishing his secondary school studies in classics in Cagliari, he returned toMilan to attend university.


Home Decoration about Matteo Pugliese casted Bronze Sculpture for sale


In 1995 Matteo Pugliese was awarded his degree in Modern literature at the University of Milan with a graduation thesis on Art criticism.

Encouraged by friends, in 2001 he organised and financed his first solo exhibition renting private exhibition space in the centre of Milan. Only 18 months later he held his first “official” exhibition in a gallery in Brera, Milan, and after a few months he held a solo show in Brussels.


Matteo Pugliese Metal Art Wall Man Bronze Sculpture for sale


Today Matteo Pugliese‘s works are on permanent display in galleries in Italy and major cities throughout the world: New York, Rome, Hong Kong, London, Antwerp, Lugano and have been shown at some of the most important Italian and international art fairs such as the Hong Kong Art Fair (Hong Kong), ArtFirst (Bologna), Arco (Madrid), and Fiac (Paris).

In recent years his pieces have been sold with considerable success at some of the world’s most prestigious fine art auction houses (Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonham’s, and Dorotheum).


Life Size Famous Bronze Matteo Pugliese Statue for Sales


Modern urban sculpture is like the eyes of the city, which best reflects the style and charm of the city.


Life Size Matteo Pugliese Metal Bronze Man Sculpture


In modern sculptures, the weight of bronze sculptures in decorative pieces is becoming more and more important. Some soft-clothing design companies have used bronze sculptures for many artworks in their designs.


Matteo Pugliese Famous Abstract Bronze Man on Wall Sculpture


The embodiment and significance of bronze carving crafts in people’s lives? In recent years, bronze sculptures have played an important role in people’s lives. It has become a performance art that guides people on how to understand bronze sculptures.


Then, the significance of bronze carving crafts is not only here, but the aesthetics of bronze carving crafts is also an art, which is also the value of bronze carving crafts.


Matteo Pugliese Metal Art Nude Man on the Wall for sale


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