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High Quality Large Bronze Poseidon Statue for Sale

High Quality Large Bronze Poseidon Statue for Sale

This large bronze Poseidon statue has high quality, stunning appearance, and long service life. It is very majestic and gives people a wonderful visual feast.
Item No. BOK1-102
Size:Life Size Or Customized Size.
Material: Bronze
Technique: Casting Bronze
Key Word 1: Custom Bronze Statues,
Key Word 2: Custom Statue of Yourself
Package&Shipping: Strong Wooden Crate

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Introduction of the Bronze Poseidon Statue

This large bronze Poseidon statue describes that Poseidon is fighting and catching a sea turtle. Poseidon hands a cane symbolizing strength. This bronze statue vividly shows the expression of Poseidon during the battle. And every muscle of bronze Poseidon statue is very lifelike. It is a stunning art work and could be an attractive scenery in the square.


High Quality of the Bronze Poseidon

The quality of this Bronze Poseidon is great. YouFine’s artists use high-quality bronze and other useful metal to cast this beautiful sculpture. Our artists control the best ratio of bronze and other metal. Suitable ration could help YouFine’s artists cast realistic model and polish the appearance. The bronze statue could have a long service life and good resistance.




Lost Wax Method

The production process of bronze Poseidon sculpture has more than 8 steps and costs a long time. YouFine’s artists make the one to one restoration clay model according the design drawing. Then artists would turnover the silica gel model. And pouring melt wax into the silica gel model. They use sand to wrap up the wax model. Through high heat casting, the wax is lost in the model and pouring bronze liquid into the shell. Lost wax method help YouFine’s artists make satisfied statues.

Coloring Technique: Patina

YouFine’s artists apply patina to color the bronze sculpture. They use soft brush to clean the dust on the surface and make sure the statue surface is smooth. Then artists use chemical liquid to color the statue surface. Patina could make the black color keep for a long time and the color would be more and more natural. YouFine’s artists has excellent gift in coloring and they could mix the accurate color the customers need.


Satisfied Shipping Service

YouFine would use thick materials to package the large bronze Poseidon statue and protect protect the goods well. We would provide you the complete information of shipping. And YouFine would give customers suitable shipping plan according the budget, transportation duration and the feature of the goods. You would receive the product as soon as possible.

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