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Life-size Custom Bronze Mahatma Gandhi Sculpture for Sale

Life-size Custom Bronze Mahatma Gandhi Sculpture for Sale

This Mahatma Gandhi sculpture is customized by an Indian client. We use 100% real bronze. Quality is trustworthy. Factory-direct sales, affordable prices.
Size: Life Size Or Customized Size
Material: Bronze
Technique: Casting Bronze
Key Word 1: Custom Bronze Statues
Key Word 2: Custom Bronze Hand Sculpture

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Mahatma Gandhi Sculpture Introduction:

This Mahatma Gandhi sculpture is customized by our Indian customer. This customer gave us some pictures. You Fine factory perfectly restored the appearance of Mahatma Gandhi according to the picture. We used high-quality bronze when making this sculpture. Therefore, the gloss and durability of this sculpture are very good. Customers are also very satisfied with our sculptures. If you have the same needs, you can contact us at any time.

Life-size Custom Bronze Mahatma Gandhi Sculpture for SaleBronze Mahatma Gandhi Sculpture


You Fine factory is a professional sculpture factory established in the last century. The carving techniques of our sculptors are very superb. Many of them have been learning sculptures since they were very young. So they can meet your various needs and make sculptures that you like. You can see that the details on this Mahatma Gandhi sculpture are handled perfectly. The folds of the clothes are very realistic. The movements of the characters must not be rigid. The faces of the characters are also sculpted to life. The craftsmanship of our sculptor is really commendable.

Gandhi sculptureBronze Mahatma Gandhi Sculpture for Sale


Mahatma Gandhi is a kind man. He is the founding father of India. He combined the benevolence, vegetarianism, and non-killing thoughts of Hinduism with the benevolence thoughts in the Bible and the Quran. At the same time, it also absorbed the essence of Solon, Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, and others. Finally, the theory of non-violent non-cooperation gradually formed. So our sculptor not only portrays the external movements of the characters. Even the inner character, Mahatma Gandhi’s unique temperament, they worked hard to carve out. So if you want to customize a sculpture, you won’t regret choosing You Fine.


Customized Sculpture

Mahatma Gandhi sculpture


In addition to dealing with quality and craftsmanship issues. You Fine’s packaging and transportation is also professional. Our sculptures have been exported all over the world in these years. We are familiar with various transportation channels. We also have different packaging methods for the size and material of the sculpture. We will choose the most suitable packaging and transportation method for your sculpture. In addition, we will also buy full insurance for your sculpture. So you don’t have to worry about any problems.

Gandhi Sculpture for sale

If you like this Mahatma Gandhi sculpture or have other needs, you can communicate with us at any time. You Fine would definitely give you a perfect solution. We look forward to your contact.

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