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Bronze Lorenzo Quinn Sculpture Would You Catch Me if I Fall

Bronze Lorenzo Quinn Sculpture Would You Catch Me if I Fall

This is a bronze sculpture by the famous artist Lorenzo Quinn, which means “Would You Catch Me If I Fall?” It is a very popular sculpture design in modern times.
Item No: BOK1-075
Material: Bronze
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Technique: Lost Wax Process
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In this Lorenzo Quinn bronze statue, we can clearly see the body of an effeminate woman, held firmly by a strong arm. It is not difficult to see that this male arm is muscular and full of strength. So it brings us a very powerful visual impact. When we see a part of the body, we can feel the charm of this man.

Bronze Lorenzo Quinn Sculpture Would You Catch Me if I Fall Bronze Lorenzo Quinn Sculpture Would You Catch Me if I Fall


The Beauty of the Hand Design:

Hands are the most powerful tools available to humans: they can create and destroy, radiate love or hate. Artist Lorenzo Quinn sees the hand as a true symbol of our species’ potential to save the world or destroy it – and use it to destroy itself. One of the most fascinating things about hands is that the gestures of the two hands, even if expressed alone, can express an almost infinite number of concepts.

Artist Lorenzo Quinn has said that from a technical point of view, I have always been fascinated by the challenge of replicating the human hand as they are the most complex anatomical elements we have to represent, so every new idea I have and my new sculptures are A new technical goal I want to achieve.

Bronze Lorenzo Quinn Sculpture Would You Catch Me if I Fall


Art Presents to You:

The relationship between the artist, the work and the viewer changes, and sometimes the artist and the viewer themselves are part of the work and are considered to be the meaning of the work. These works are not a description of nature, but express psychological processes or social reality while sharply expressing what things are, giving another interpretation of space.

Bronze Lorenzo Quinn sculpture - YouFine Sculpture Bronze Lorenzo Quinn sculpture - YouFine Sculpture


The Necessity of Sculpture in Life:

The need for values such as friendship, wisdom, help, faith, hope and love; the emotional dimension is more necessary than ever in the current sociocultural context, where every distance must find a meeting point, A bridge, hands crossed. Sculpture is an investment value for a better future.

Bronze Lorenzo Quinn sculpture - YouFine Sculpture


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