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Bronze Life Size Blessed Virgin Mary Statue Supplier BOK1-287

Bronze Life Size Blessed Virgin Mary Statue Supplier BOK1-287

This is a exquisite life size blessed virgin Mary statue, it is made of high quality bronze. YouFine would make this sculpture by lost wax method. So it would be a good gift for the believers of Mary.
Item No: BOK1-287
Material: Bronze
About Us: 39 Years Factory
Technique: Lost Wax Process
Service: Customize Acceptable
Size: Life Size or Customized Size

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Sculpture Introduction:

This is a life size blessed virgin Mary statue made of bronze, every detail of it is so exquisite and charming. The slightly curly hair, the realistic folds of the clothes, these details show the grace and beauty of the Virgin Mary. In order to restore the beauty of the Virgin Mary to the greatest extent, YouFine would use the lost wax method for casting. And we would choose high-quality please as raw material, so our sculptures would have first-class quality.

Bronze Life Size Blessed Virgin Mary Statue Supplier BOK1-287


Benefits of Buying a Bronze Mary Statue:

Handcrafted sculptures could take a lot of time and effort to make. These bronze artworks could demonstrate a wide range of visual possibilities, from undulating muscles to subtle illusions of movement. It’s hard to reproduce these nuances, making each one unique and valuable. Every detail of our bronze life size blessed virgin Mary statue would be beautifully stunning. So it would be an excellent investment as it needs minimal maintenance and upkeep while surviving for hundreds of years. This means that your bronze artwork is almost guaranteed to last you a lifetime, and you could pass it on from generation to generation.

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Bronze sculptures in your home or office add elegance and sophistication to any space you place. Plus, these magnificent works of art could also be a smart way to watch your fortune grow while enjoying the view. A beautiful life size blessed virgin Mary statue like this is made of bronze and could bless you for a long time. And provide you with a corner of inner peace in the long run. This would be a great gift for the believers of Mary.

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  1. Shipping by sea, specially designed for life size sculptures and large sculptures, which couldsave a lot of cost.
  2. Air transport, especially suitable for small sculptures or when you need them very much.
  3. By express DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx.. is door to door delivery.

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For more information, you could contact us at any time. YouFine is a premium bronze sculpture supplier that would give you top quality sculptures and good prices.

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YouFine foundry includes custom bronze children’s portraits, custom made full size figure portraits, custom bronze US Military statues and bronze Veterans monuments, custom bronze dog statues and life-size dog portraits, heroic size custom bronze monuments and custom life-size bronze portrait memorial statues. Some of these statues may be limited edition releases but most are commissioned custom made bronze sculptures created by YouFine for governments, business, military, families, and non profits.What ever the subject matter, YouFine can create a custom bronze statue or monument that will touch the hearts of those who see it. She has a knack for making life-size bronze portrait statues that actually look like the individual.

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