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Famous Bronze Lynn Chadwick Sculpture for Sale BOKK-972

Famous Bronze Lynn Chadwick Sculpture for Sale BOKK-972

This is Lynn Chadwick Sculpture, a semi-abstract style that looks elegant and charming. It is very popular in Europe and America and is collected by many people. Suitable for outdoor places such as gardens and parks.
Item number: BOKK-972
Size: Actual size or customized
Material: Antique bronze
Insurance: Take all risks
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Packing: Sturdy wooden box
Service: Customized acceptable
Technology: Lost Wax Process

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Details on Lynn Chadwick Sculpture:

For this Lynn Chadwick Sculpture, it is unlike any other artist’s work. It does not have a detailed and vivid face like other sculptures. For this sculpture, the head is a simple triangle and the legs are simple geometric shapes. The entire body of this sculpture is made of different metal geometries. It would look weird if each part was separated, but when he put them together it turned into a classy lady. This charming artistic sculpture has caught the attention of many people.

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Lynn Chadwick Artwork Features:

Lynn Chadwick’s Sculpture has a unique artistic appeal. Art is a powerful force emerging from darkness. The creator uses his imagination to capture and translate it with his talent. This bronze abstract sculpture is a work of genius, imagined from nature. Inspired by the human body and the contours of nature, Lynn Chadwick’s art at times borders on abstract art. His subjects range from abstract but easily identifiable human forms to animals – general types rather than specific creatures. Earlier pieces featured textured finishes, but his latest creations feature smoother, more refined surfaces, where geometric shapes have replaced more organic forms. This special art sculpture attracts many people to visit and collect.

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Other Sculptures by Lynn Chadwick:

In addition to this bronze walking woman sculpture, Lynn Chadwick has designed many similar sculptures. For example, a sculpture of a couple sitting on a stool, a pair of walking figures, etc. They are all charming and charming. You could place them in parks, public squares, in front of office buildings, gardens, or other outdoor places as decoration. They could make your garden more beautiful and attractive. If you want to get such a beautiful sculpture for your garden, feel free to find You Fine. Our artists have 36 years of experience making bronze sculptures and could create your Lynn Chadwick sculptures of high quality and similarity.

lynn chadwick sculpture - YouFine Sculpture


If you are interested in this series of sculptures, please feel free to contact us. YouFine has also customized this series of sculptures for many clients, so it could give you the best quality and favorable price.

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