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Life Size Bronze Elk Statue Sculpture for Garden Decor BOKK-265

Life Size Bronze Elk Statue Sculpture for Garden Decor BOKK-265

We are a foundry with more than 35 years of experience. Very professional in making copper elk sculptures. A professional designer team can customize.
Item No: BOKK-265
Material: Grade Bronze
Color: The Picture Color or Customized
Size: Life Size or Customized
Package: Strong Wooden Case

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Bronze elk sculpture`s detail:

This elk sculpture is very realistic. Our bronze elk sculpture is suitable to be placed on any occasion. Whether it’s a park or your own garden, our bronze Elk sculpture is sure to make your space look great. Also, this elk sculpture would make a great gift for a hunter friend.

Life Size Bronze Elk Statue Sculpture for Garden Decor

our mold of bronze elk sculpture:

We make a 1:1 clay mold at our factory before we cast it. Our masters will modify it over and over again for perfection until you are happy with it. Then we use the traditional lost wax method to ensure that every detail can be expressed to the fullest.

Life Size Bronze Elk Statue Sculpture for Garden

About the bronze elk sculpture`s color:

The most noteworthy is the coloring of the bronze elk statue. We will color it according to your requirements. Chemical coloring is a very demanding process. And chemical coloring is like a beautiful magic trick. Every color you get in the end is unique. And it gets better and better as time goes by. It’s like a magic trick with time.

Bronze Elk Statue Sculpture for Garden Decor BOKK-265

More bronze animal sculpture:

We take every sculpture very seriously. We regard the quality of our products as our life. Besides bronze deer, we also do many other bronze animal sculptures. For example, bronze horse, bronze leopard, bronze tiger, bronze lion, and so on. In addition, we have a team of professional designers who can support free customization service. We can help you achieve whatever you want. Just contact us if you are interested. We will give you the best discount.

Life Size Bronze Elk Statue Sculpture for Decor BOKK-265

About the Bronze Elk Sculpture Package:

We put our Large Bronze Elk Statue in solid woods for packing. The thickness of the wood is 3cm, and it is double thickness than Because we put lots of foam inside the crates, so our products are very safe under transportation.

Life Size Bronze Elk Statue Sculpture BOKK-265

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YouFine foundry includes custom bronze children’s portraits, custom made full size figure portraits, custom bronze US Military statues and bronze Veterans monuments, custom bronze dog statues and life-size dog portraits, heroic size custom bronze monuments and custom life-size bronze portrait memorial statues. Some of these statues may be limited edition releases but most are commissioned custom made bronze sculptures created by YouFine for governments, business, military, families, and non profits.What ever the subject matter, YouFine can create a custom bronze statue or monument that will touch the hearts of those who see it. She has a knack for making life-size bronze portrait statues that actually look like the individual.

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