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Modern Bronze Henry Moore Abstract Sculptures for Sale BOK1-293

Modern Bronze Henry Moore Abstract Sculptures for Sale BOK1-293

The Henry Moore abstract sculpture cast in bronze is an artistic outdoor decoration, which is very popular and is sought after and loved by many customers.
Item No: BOK1-293
Material: Bronze
About Us: 39 Years Factory
Technique: Lost Wax Process
Service: Customize Acceptably
Size: Life Size or Customized Size
Advantage 1: Factory Direct
Advantage 2: Cover All Insurance
Advantage 3: Door-to-Door Delivery

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Sculpture Introduction:

This Abstract bronze sculpture is Henry Moore’s famous Oval with Points, the sculpture is a flat oval ring with rounded edges pierced by a large hole. The inside edge of the hole has two sharp points that rise from opposite sides and narrow to almost meet in the center of the hole, creating a sense of energy and dynamic tension. These points divide the hole into two areas, a smaller area above and a larger area below. This kind of sculpture design is simple and abstract, but it is very unique and very popular with customers.

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Source of the Sculpture:

Henry Moore pioneered new horizons in modern sculpture and became a global star in his lifetime. He is known for his huge bronze sculptures. This Oval with Points Abstract bronze sculpture is a plaster cast of an oval with points (LH 594) made by Moore in 1968, then cast in bronze in a 9+1 edition (nine castings plus an artist’s copy).

Modern Bronze Henry Moore Abstract Sculptures for Sale BOK1-293 (2) Modern Bronze Henry Moore Abstract Sculptures for Sale BOK1-293 (1)


YouFine Advantage:

  1. Customized size. Our bronze casting artists admire Henry Moore, have studied many of Mr. Henry Moore’s sculptures, and have successfully reproduced many Henry Moore sculptures that are highly restored and of high quality. And we could also customize the size of bronze sculptures for different customers according to their needs.


  1. The color is attractive and colorfast. Our bronze sculptures would be chemically colored by our top coloring artists, so the color is very natural, like the color of the copper itself. In addition, these colors would not fade easily and would become more attractive and beautiful on the surface of the sculpture over time.

henry moore abstract sculptures - YouFine Sculpture (1) henry moore most famous sculpture - YouFine Sculpture


Before shipping, we buy full insurance for our clients’ sculptures, so our clients don’t have to bear some in-transit risks. And we are also factory direct sales, which could give our customers the best quality and affordable factory price. So if you are interested in our sculptures, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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